A blog that attempts to tell the truth about being a parent, disclosing all of the beauty, mystery, and horror of nurturing and bringing up our, sometimes, little monsters. It follows the trials and tribulations of coping in a cash strapped, time challenged and environmentally threatened world. Although a miracle, and mostly heart-warmingly wonderful, it has its “is-it-too-early-to-start-drinking” days, and we are not too naïve, ignorant, or insecure to admit it.

We believe in honest parenting. That not only means treating our kids with enough respect to not lie to them, but also to approach our everyday lives with the same respect. We try to be as natural, easy-going and low-impact as can be,  and apply this to our everyday lives. We are mommy business owners, momtrepreneurs if you will, and anybody who has ever called themselves boss will tell you the hours are too long, and the days too short. With this blog we want to share our ideas and tricks on how you too can provide home cooked meals in less time than it takes to get take aways, arts and crafts the kids will love and that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, date night ideas to keep the love alive and other tips to ensure you keep your sanity!

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