Photo Tip: Get down!

Here is a quick simple tip to make any snapshot of your children look interesting. Get down to their eye level.
As adults we view most of what our kids do from a higher perspective, so when you get down to their level to take photographs it make for more interesting pictures, because it isn’t a perspective we usually see.
And you can do this with your big camera or cellphone camera.


This photo is taken from high up, it isn’t very interesting, getting down would have created a much better photograph.


The above photograph is a lot more interesting and gives a unique perspective.


1F1A9132.JPGWith the two images above you can see the difference in angles and how the eye level image is a lot more engaging. You now also get to see his whole facial expression which would have been lost at an higher angle.

You also get a lot more of the background in if you take images at their eye level and not just ground, this also makes for a lot prettier images.

I hope these tips help you capture cute timeless moments!


Much love,

Honest Mom Monique