Homemade natural foam bath

We have gone on a bit of a “natural is better” journey, and we are slowly adapting our lifestyle to reflect just that. It took a bit of a push, but we are getting there. From the way we eat – no processed, sugar-laden foods, only real food that we prepare ourselves – to the products that we use to clean ourselves and our house. I have long read up on the benefits of natural products such as coconut oil and castille soap, and then one day just decided to take the plunge. I shopped (a lot) to get all the necessary things, and now I am making our own beauty products, cleaning products, and most of our food products. Not only is it working out a bit cheaper (not always since I tend to really like the smell combinations you get with the different essential oils, so I add a bit extra) but our bodies are also loving it! Since moving over to homemade, natural baby products, A1 has not had bladder infection again and A2 stopped getting teething rashes. My skin feels soft and smooth, not to even mention how the kids’ skin feel and smell!

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But we also make a few things just for fun, like this quick recipe for homemade natural foam bath. All of the ingredients can be bought online from Soap Barn – they also deliver at a fee.


  • 1 cup natural castille soap
  • 1/2 cup vegetable glycerin
  • 2 tbsp water
  • a few drops of your chosen essential oil. I use lavender and chamomile, for the relaxing benefits
  • a nice bottle to keep the end product in

Making it doesn’t get easier than this: just mix all of the ingredients together and shake well. That is it!


Add a splash of this under your running bath water and let the fun begin!

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