Starting a new tradition: Mother’s Day

I don’t know how many of you can identify with this; maybe all of you! As a mom, I am very focused on preserving memories. I don’t hoard things so the only way for me to do this is through photos and videos. I take a lot of photos and make a lot of videos, mostly irritating Husband. The kids of course love the constant attention, Husband not so much. The problem with this is I am always the one taking the photos -forever behind the lens and never in front of it. So, I have all of these awesome memories, with me documenting and never participating. This makes me sad, and a bit mad also. I have mentioned this to Husband on numerous occasions but still he won’t take the initiative to take photos of myself with the kids. And so my precious time with them will go forever undocumented unless I do something about this. Luckily for me I have photographers as friends, so from this year I am starting a new Mother’s Day tradition – instead of the usual gifts Husband must book (and pay) for a photoshoot of the girls and I. although a styled shoot, or posed shoot, is second price to “live action” photos, at least I will have some proof that I was actually around when they were growing up.


Here’s to the start of new traditions!  Any traditions that you have started as a family? Or some that you have taken over from your parents?

Honest Mom Love