Mother’s day menu ideas

Easy breakfast ideas that Dad and kids can do while Mom waits in bed BUT that leaves as little as possible dishes for mom to wash afterwards (true story!).


Because we also try to eat as little sugar and refined grains as possible, this is even more challenging. But here goes, I could round up 5 breakfast menu ideas:

Coconut waffles


Grilled bacon – but get good bacon!

Fry it up with free range eggs, grilled tomato, a few artisan sausages and fried greens. Yum! Just make sure you get good bacon, none of this commercial nonsense full of nitrates and sulphites and other nasties. Wood smoked, small batch, naturally cured, doesn’t that sound good? Surely no recipe is needed…

Banana flapjacks


Cream cheese “pancakes”


Creamy scrambled eggs with spring onion


From us Honest Moms we hope you have a great Mother’s Day, and that you are spoiled as much, and more, than what you deserve! Moms really are the best!

Honest Mom Love