Esrida Brits

Hi there and welcome! I am a mother of two, wife of one and friend to many. Oh and my name is Esrida. Or Mom. Or Lief. I have learned to respond to pretty much any name if said in a loving voice, or shouted from my 2 year old. Luckily the newest one can’t talk yet! We live in a 2 bedroom house, which in itself presents challenges, and for a pet we have a tortoise, Skillie. Our 2 year old named him, thus the un-originality!

I own a restaurant, venue and catering business, so work long and irregular hours. My husband, Mr D, works for a labour company and travels all over the province. At the best of times we come home late, and leave early, and weekends are only a myth.

Some would say I thrive on chaos, since I create it around me on a daily basis. Not entirely true, but I do seem to attract only the noisiest, busiest people to my side. And I do like being busy. Just cannot sit still! And so God blessed me with a happy marriage, a thriving business, and 2 beautiful little girls, Poppekind (A1) is now 2 years old and Pikkewyntjie (A2) is 7 weeks young. Both were “unplanned” but never unloved. And both add their own wonder and sweetness to our lives. Being a mom is not easy (luckily nobody has ever tried to convince me it would be), and some days I feel like locking the bathroom door and then climbing out the window for some sweet escape…. But it is very rewarding!

With this blog I would like to share what I have learned, the mistakes I have made, frustrations I am currently facing, and everything in between. I don’t believe everybody has the MOM-gene, I definitely was busy with something else when it was dished out, so for me it has been a trail-and-error situation. A learning curve if you may – a very steep one! We live an unconventional life, but with a bit of determination it works for us. We manage to raise our kids in a semi-stable home, while keeping the spark alive in our marriage, and carving out enough time for our family, everyone is relatively happy. So allow me to (hopefully) educate, entertain, and warn you in the most honest way, what it really takes to be a mom!

Honest Mom Love

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