My top 10 tips for becoming an eco-conscious mom

I hate that in today’s world people can only relate to you if there is a label around your neck. So to make this easier for you, and me more relatable, let me hang the label around my own neck – I am an eco-conscious mom, a green mom if you will.


Essential oils as natural medicine

I know I am going on and on about essential oils, but that is how much we love and use them! A2 had croup this past week, and if it wasn't for lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree we all would have been sick, and her discomfort would have been so much worse. So yes, we really do practice what we preach and use our oils every single day. Here is my handy list of ailments, and the oils to use to treat them.

Feed a crowd for cheap

I like to entertain. If I have to choose 3 things to do the rest of my life, it would be something where I am surrounded with people who has to be fed or entertained. Or both. Oh and wine and G&Ts will have to feature as well…. Anyway, my point – I love having people over, making them feel at home and allowing them to relax. And I think I am kind of good at it. Our parties always start early, and go on way later than other people’s. We don’t invite you over for a meal, usually it stretches over 2 meals or at least a meal and a very substantial snack. The upside – lots of smiling friends and family, meeting new people and remembering why they love the old ones. The downside – serious drain on our budget. Even if we approach it as a “bring-and-braai” it still costs a few bucks to have a nice salad and side dish, ice, good coffee with actual milk (no plastic milk in our house), and all those extras that inevitably end up being provided for by the hosts. But because we love entertaining so much, we have learned a few tips over the years to make it kinder on your pocket while getting lots of compliments for our efforts.