Spinach & Ricotta Gnudi with Mushrooms & Bacon

Although this recipe is a tad longer than what I usually post, it is so good that you won't mind spending those extra few minutes preparing it. Plus, the heap of veggies in the dish will definitely convince you!


Baked Chicken Wings with Yoghurt and Chive Dip

A firm favourite in our household, we love chicken wings in any form – baked, fried, in soup, on the braai. What makes it a real winner is how fast it cooks, making it perfect for those “I only have 30min until dinner time” days

The journey continues

If you have been following this blog for a while now you should know about our struggles with A1 for the better part of her first 2 years of life. After therapy, lots of changes and eventually putting her in a day care for 3 days a week, it has been going very well. That is up until about a week ago.

Essential oils as natural medicine

I know I am going on and on about essential oils, but that is how much we love and use them! A2 had croup this past week, and if it wasn't for lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree we all would have been sick, and her discomfort would have been so much worse. So yes, we really do practice what we preach and use our oils every single day. Here is my handy list of ailments, and the oils to use to treat them.